Singaporean Author Audrey Chin Signs with Penumbra Literary!

Singapore-based author, Audrey Chin, has signed with Penumbra Literary!  Audrey Chin has been writing since she mastered her alphabets.  She is currently working with literary agent Jennifer Chen Tran on her novel entitled Heart Bones, a searing and mysterious story about a Vietnamese man’s struggle to balance the many facets of belonging and loyalty in a Vietnamese family torn asunder by war and unresolved peace.  Audrey Chin Portrait.jpg

Audrey’s first book, published by the RAND Corporation, was a study of jury verdicts in Chicago courts, a story of discrimination crafted with numbers and words. Subsequently, other studies on the American socio-legal system, a Ph.D. dissertation on financing the US social security system have been published by RAND.

In 1999, Landmark Books Singapore published Audrey’s first novel, Learning to Fly, which was shortlisted for the 2000 Singapore Literature Prize.  In 2004, Landmark released, Singapore Women Re-Presented, a social history she conceptualized, co-edited and contributed to. Audrey has also contributed various fiction and non-fiction pieces to women’s magazines in Singapore and US literary journals. A short story, “The Pearl” was recently published in Cobalt Review’s December 2012 edition.

She holds a Ph.D in Public Policy Research from the RAND Graduate School of Public Policy, an M.SC. in Research Methods and Public Policy from Oxford University and an LL.B. from Manchester University.

When not writing, Audrey spends her time exercising financial stewardship as a board director.  She’s married to Minh and has three children.



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