Penumbra signs new author Yvette Hyater-Adams!

Yvette Hyater-Adams, a highly sought after business coach and writing facilitator for leaders and artists ready for transformative change, has signed with Penumbra Literary! She is a dedicated writer and leads others to write creative non-fiction, poetry, and fiction.  Yvette graduated from Goddard College with a MA in Transformative Language Arts (Writing for Personal and Social Change) and from the University of Denver with a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing. 

ImageAs a long time practitioner in applied behavioral science, her skills are honed in understanding human behavior, action, and impact in organizations. Today, Yvette runs Narratives 4 Change with a diversified use of writing and coaching including: 1) her own writing, 2) facilitating writing workshops, 3) coaching women who lead businesses and coaching writers.  In continuing her advocacy for social change, she writes grants for non-profits.  Yvette is the developer of the renowned transformative narratives methodology.  Yvette is currently working on her first book on leadership for women.


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