New Client: Erin P. Callahan, YA Author

I’m super excited to officially announce that Fuse Literary has signed Erin P. Callahan, a YA author! Erin grew up in New England and has written several YA books before, including the Mad World series co-authored with Troy Gardner. A bit about Erin:

Erin grew up by a small glacial lake in New Hampshire and, after brief stints in Colorado and Rhode Island, she settled back in the granite state with her husband and daughter. As a small child, she told her mother she’d defaced a wall with crayons because she’d been possessed by an imp. She’s convinced that same imp drives her to write. When she’s not at her day job or cranking out novels on her laptop, you can find her soaking in the new golden era of television, stalking her favorite musicians on Twitter, and trying not to embarrass herself on the volleyball court. She loves giant squids and the color red, hates the phrase “no offense,” and thinks birds are creepy. Once upon a time, she was a lawyer but found herself unemployed at the height of the recession. For her own sanity she started writing, and to make ends meet she took a job as a case manager at a residential program for teens. The kids she met there will forever serve as a well of inspiration for the contemporary YA she writes.


I will be representing Erin on her contemporary YA novel, ESCAPOLOGY. We are working on the pitch as we speak!

Please congratulate Erin on this next step in her career! Feel free to follow her at her website, on Twitter, or Instagram.


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