New Client: Cori Salchert Signs with Fuse Literary!

I am honored to announce that Cori Salchert has signed with Fuse Literary! Cori is originally from Salt Lake City, UT. She has lived in Wyoming, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, and Pennsylvania before settling in Sheboygan, WI with her husband Mark and their eight biological children. Cori is a registered nurse and also a perinatal bereavement specialist. She worked at St. Nicholas Hospital and also founded the Hope After Loss Organization (HALO) in 2007.


Cori takes care of “hospice babies,” babies with life-limiting medical conditions and diagnoses. The Salchert family first started taking care of these babies in August 2012, with the arrival of Emmalynn who, despite her diagnosis, lived for fifty amazing days and went to Heaven on September 27, 2012. Charlie arrived on the scene in October of 2014 at four months of age. He was officially adopted in December of 2015.

As Cori states, “I am an ordinary wife and mom. I don’t necessarily have special qualifications to do what I do other than being willing to stay. To be present. To do what’s hard and sacrificial. I don’t go out with girlfriends. I don’t take vacations. My greatest and deepest joy is to day by day do the next thing when it comes to caring for Charlie and others like him. What they need most is the basic cares afforded to babies. Diapers, feeding, cuddling, singing, and being present and available.”


Cori and her family are very active in the Sheboygan community and Crossroads Community Church. Currently her household numbers ten, not including the therapists, nurses, doctors, and friends and family who are always coming in and out of their doors.

Jennifer will be working with Cori to publish her inspiring and faith-centered story in book form. You can read more about Cori at her website:  and on various national and local news media outlets, such as and Sheboygan Press, including a feature in this week’s People Magazine (Nancy and Ronald Reagon on the cover, on sale through 3/25/16). Thank you Cori for all that you do!



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